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All of our clients' nails are unique, so we provide a personalised service for each and every client.


All of our Nail Technicians are passionate about providing the highest quality of nail care using only the best quality tools and products - whether it's a quick and simple File and Polish or a full set of sculpted Acrylic nails with statement nail art, we strive to ensure your experience with us is amazing! 


With over 200 colours and glitters to choose from, you're sure to find your perfect look.


We also offer a Gel/Shellac Loyalty Card, after 10 stamps you will receive a FREE shellac application!



Children's Nail Polish £8

File + Polish £11.25
File + French Polish £16.50
Manicure £16.50
French Manicure £22
Luxury Manicure £27

Minx £30

Shellac / Gel £27

Shellac / Gel French £28
Hard Gel + Shellac £35

Strength + Structure Manicure BIAB £30

Builder Gel Overlays/Extensions £47.50
Additional Glitter/Nail Art From £3

Full Set Acrylics/Fit Tips +Polish £42.50

                        + Gel/Shellac £58
Acrylic on Natural Nails + Polish £30.75
                             + Shellac £47.50
IN-FILLS Acrylic/Fit Tip + Gel/Shellac £47.50

Single Nail Repair - Shellac/Gel £3
Single Nail Repair - Acrylic £5


Shellac Removal Fake It shellac £5 / Not originally done at Fake It £10
Acrylic Removal Fake It £10

File + Polish £16.50
File + French Polish £20.50
Shellac/ Gel Toes £30
Full Pedicure £34.50 (+ Gel toes £50.50)

Pedicure Treatment £47.50

Mini Oil £2.95
CND Regular Oil £6.95
Large Oil £9.95

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